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SNAP Benefits

Important MAX SNAP Benefits UPDATE

MAX SNAP BENEFITS END on Feb 28, 2023: Current Max benefits for 1 person is $281/month - effective March 1, 2023, depending on income and living expenses, that same person could receive $23/month

CRITICAL steps for making sure that you receive the correct amount of SNAP benefits, and DO NOT miss the renewal dates for Medical benefits:


  • Make sure that DHS has current Contact information—update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, current income and living expenses

  • ALL Seniors over 60, or anyone receiving Disability, can use ACTUAL out of pocket Medical expenses on their SNAP case, to increase their SNAP benefits (in March and beyond)

  • If you get MEDICADE, watch for a DHS letter alerting you to when you need to do their renewal of Medical benefits

Medicare and Supplemental Policy premiums, Dr. & Prescription copays, Dental, Vision, Hospital bills being paid, and any out of pocket Medical Supplies ordered by Dr. (Diapers, gauze…). THESE EXPENSES ALL Qualify, and can be added to the SNAP Case, possibly helping increase the amount of SNAP Benefits.

NIFB SNAP Team can Help you with your SNAP/ Medicaid/ TANF/ Medicare Savings Plan Cases. Please call toll-free 844-600-7627 so they can assess your unique situation, and help you retain or receive the benefits for which you qualify.


Income Guidelines for SNAP Eligibility as of October 1, 2022:

Do you make this amount or less?
Household Size / Gross Monthly Income
1 / $1,869
2 / $2,518
3 / $3,167
4 / $3,816
5 / $4,465
6 / $5,114

Is anyone in your household over 60 or receiving disability or social security?
Household Size / Gross Monthly Income
1 / $2,265
2 / $3,052
3 / $3,838
4 / $4,625
5 / $5,412
6 / $6,198


Call Northern Illinois Food Bank SNAP Help Line
Llama a nuestra linea de SNAP
844-600-7627 or visit us at

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